Eurotrip- Amurican Style

As I sit on my flight to Beijing, I can’t help but reminisce about the last two weeks of non-stop travel.

Paris: sitting on the tour bus and passing by the Eiffel tower countless times, being snubbed by natives for my underused French, eating butter-overload croissants, reliving the glory days in Disneyland with European teenagers, strolling along the Champs élysées.

London: visiting all the tourist hot spots with my friend from home, walking through blocked off once-busy streets and greeting strangers, spending a lively New Years at an overcrowded club, watching drunken people get groped and or naked on the dance floor, maneuvering home on the vomit-infested tube with thousands of random people.

Brussels: haphazardly finding our way around with public transport, randomly exploring the city by foot and stumbling upon the US embassy, coincidentally finding the main tourist areas, indulging on disappointing Belgian waffles.

Bruges: mindlessly wandering the city center, reveling in the town’s ancient history, wishing the canals were open for boating, enjoying the city’s delicacies for lunch, purchasing some much needed Belgian chocolate- especially the penis shaped ones.

Frankfurt: hanging out with US soldiers at an air force base, missing home after visiting an American army supermarket, driving around to nearby cities as a means to pass time, eating delicious food, wishing I properly learned German in middle school, getting angry at some natives at the airport.

Back to London for 24 hours and now I’m off again.  Both my body and mind are tired. They are both overwhelmed, overstimulated and overworked.

The next two weeks should hopefully be relaxing, especially since I need to finish two 3500 word assignments…Oh good.

I guess I’ll rest when I’m dead? #yolo


~ by pandaextraordinaire on January 21, 2013.

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