Snow makes everything better

Even Beijing.

The temperature has risen, the roads are less busy, the streets are not as crowded, and surprisingly, people seem nicer. There is an eery calm in the air.

As I look up into the gray sky, small flakes of snow fall onto my eye lashes, blinding yet moisturizing at the same time.

Though the ground has become brown and slushy after hours of walking on, the untrodden patches of snow are beautiful and white.

No one in China has ever seen such pristine whiteness.

During our taxi ride, the windows fog up and distant blurred visions of trees with snowy tops peek through. It reminds me of a Western Winter Wonderland in the middle of the New York City of the Eastern world.

Men and women alike are bundled up in the warmest of counterfeit brand coats to cautiously trek across town, ride their bikes home, or just take a walk, despite the weather conditions.

Even the girls who wear sky high heels everyday have opted for lower heeled boots, just in case a misstep resulted in an embarrassing fall.

Who knew that a bit of precipitation could enhance everyone’s, including my, mood so much?

If this was the case, perhaps it should snow everyday…



~ by pandaextraordinaire on January 21, 2013.

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