Never before has Jesus been shamed this horribly, especially during the days of his resurrection.

After a long weekend of excessive drinking, inappropriate/random costumes, lady love, massive amounts of banter, and a bit of pathetic rugby, I am surprisingly alive and well.

Starting off the trip at 3am with a forced Fosters beer in hand, the Hammers got on the bus to Gatwick. Wearing Roman/Egyptian/Braveheart/Viking attire throughout the entire flight and journey to the Dam, we not only got dirty looks but also endearing ones.

As we stepped off the bus in central Amsterdam, it finally dawned on us that we weren’t in London anymore.

The faint smell of marijuana lingered in the air, slightly chubby depressed prostitutes guarded their window territory, and the men around us were freakishly tall and blonde.

While we piled all of our belongings into our tiny hostel rooms, I couldn’t help but feel like a huge princess, complaining about the lack of space and bonding about our dislike of hostels with the other princess on the trip.

Accepting the fact that we were here to stay and anxiously fearing what the weekend would offer, I gathered my plastic weapons and charged outside with my teammates, ready for battle and scaring the Dutch.

Tour rules, drinking fines, toasts, judgement sessions, secret names, pub crawls, drinking games, team bonding, rugby in the snow, stripteases- it has all been a whirlwind of madness, jumbling my memory into a blur.

Though I didn’t consume 1/4 as much alcohol as any of my teammates, ironically I still feel slightly defeated and damaged from Amsterdam. Perhaps it was the married Dutch woman grinding on me or the 40 minutes of launching my face into full on body tackles or mindlessly wandering around everywhere semi-intoxicated. Perhaps it was just fleeing London and being in a different environment with people I usually never bonded with outside of practice.

Nonetheless, this past weekend was epically amazing and I am grateful I had such an opportunity to experience. Never have I seen such scary rigorous, continual consumption of alcohol by “adults” and I am completely, wholeheartedly proud of those I call teammates.

Whatever happens in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam…


~ by pandaextraordinaire on April 3, 2013.

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