The Tube

Screaming babies on the Tube are the bane of my existence.

Deathly wails, streaming tears, rouged faces, snotty noses- such a mess.

They want to be picked up, put down, fed, in their strollers, in their parents’ arms, but most of all: off the Tube ASAP- like most of the travelers.

Embarrassed parents try to coddle their offspring as passive aggressive Tube riders angrily stare through furrowed brows and mutter to themselves, wishing that the babies would calm down and shut up in the very near future.

I, too, look upon the family with disdain.

Evil glances are given, eye rolls are frequent, and an occasional annoyed sigh is let out, just so the parents who are a mere few seats away understand my frustration.

Just as I glimpse at the family again, the sobbing child intently looks back at me with glassy puppy eyes.

He’s actually quite cute (for an annoying child), I think to myself for a minute.

Just kidding. Crying ensues and peace is lost once again.

Good thing I’m getting off at the next stop.


~ by pandaextraordinaire on April 3, 2013.

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