Hola, mis amigos

Well, it feels about a decade since my last post and I find myself on a plane, once again.

As my hairy, old seat neighbor snores and the prissy housewife reads her novel next to me, I feel as though I am trapped in a sea of white people. Surprisingly, I am the only Asian on the entire flight and after a weekend of getting blatant ogles from nationalistic Germans, I feel slightly uncomfortable and out of place.

Majorca has been a wonderful paradise filled with sun, beach, and babies and I am undeniably sad to leave.

Though my love awaits me at home, so do my thesis, internship, and responsibilities unfortunately.

At the moment, I sense an odd hint of hopelessness in my emotional spectrum. Perhaps it’s my holiday high coming down or the lingering of car sickness or just reality kicking in.

The thought of waking up at 7am tomorrow to get to work at 9am and see my condescending dragon lady boss is the least of my desires. The thought of working and attending meetings all day then holing up in Starbucks to write thousands of words for my dissertation is utterly depressing. The thought of repeating my vacation activities and acting fake nice to all my colleagues who I don’t care for makes me irritated just contemplating it.

I wish, more than sometimes, that I could live my life without having to report to anyone or look to others for approval. I wish that people would just let each other live without worry, regret or judgement.

I’m not sure how fun, loving or considerate the world would be if the aforementioned phenomena occurred, but I wouldn’t want to mess up the entire earth’s current Ecosystem then be around to get blamed.

So for now, I guess I’ll put up with my routine schedule and obligations. I guess I will go home with my head held high because I was lucky enough to at least enjoy a vacation while most people worked. I will be happy that I could spend the weekend with family and friends.

I can only look forward to my next holiday when my sense of reality is again distorted and I find myself on another plane for a quick getaway fix.


~ by pandaextraordinaire on September 23, 2013.

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