22 < 23

No matter what anyone else says, a year of age makes a difference.

For some, perhaps the perceived change is not so significant, but for me personally, it seems as though I have become an entirely different person.

From new friends to new experiences to new outlooks on life, my year has been a fast-forwarded growing up process.

By accepting my new location of home, working through some past insecurities, and finally allowing myself to be vulnerable to love, I have opened up and developed more positively.

My focus and attitude on life has altered completely even if my personality is still slightly cynical, sarcastic and at times pessimistic.

By caring for and unconditionally loving someone else has forced me to be more compassionate, understanding and patient, especially when things don’t go as smoothly as I hoped- quite a feat for such a control freak as I am.

My mind has shifted from giving up easily and believing perfect relationships are supposed to be conflict-free to wanting to work on issues and be willing to compromise.

Looking back on my past few years, especially during uni, has made me realize that I was immature, insecure and too scared to believe in trivial things such as love.

However, after experiencing it, love seems to be the only thing that I believe in now and I no longer want to subdue my emotions and or feelings.

I’m sure in the future, I will develop even more (hopefully still in a positive manner), but for now, I’m quite content with how I turned out at 23 years of age.


~ by pandaextraordinaire on March 23, 2014.

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